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Billy Bragg Celebrates the Music of Woody Guthrie

This is the best 53 minutes of radio I have heard for some time. Enjoy!

Billy brings out a new side of Woody that I was not aware of.
Billy Bragg

1 comment to Billy Bragg Celebrates the Music of Woody Guthrie

  • Great link and music, thanks.

    One of my favorite CDs is a Grammy-winning Klezmatics album of Woody’s music. Woody wrote a lot more songs than most people know, and on a wide variety of subjects. It’s great that his daughter is managing and actively promoting his legacy. Nora approached Bragg to write music for some of the thousands of verses Woody had written and it’s been a great collaboration.

    One of his most poignant songs was Holy Ground>/a>, written as he lay dying.

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