Bernie Panders Anti-GMO

cornAlthough Sanders uses an appeal to the authority of climate scientists on the issue of climate change, his approach to GMO food is anti-scientific, misinformed, and potentially dangerous.

Scientific American explains some of the populist appeal of his stance: Why People Oppose GMOs Even Though Science Says They Are Safe: Intuition can encourage opinions that are contrary to the facts.

Inattention to the food industry when building policy can be lethal. Remember the Ethanol Effect? Our push to get off Middle East oil led to skyrocketing prices on staples and literal malnutrition, starvation, and poverty reinforcement in poorer countries.

Developed nations have the luxury of attaching sentimentality to their food, circling toward a pioneer purism. The poor who literally subsist off cheap rice, wheat and corn do not. GMO and glyphosate are the most studied subjects in the history of science, and the consensus is that the technology can be safe if precautions are followed. When a country nevertheless votes to ban or even label GMO, customers of the world food markets suffer.

It is selfish, entitled, and immoral for us to deny the world all available tools for feeding its hungry.

Bernie Sanders would serve his country better by listening to input from a wider array of sources.

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  • GMOs and glyphosphate are only necessary in a mono-crop system.

    Crop rotation removes the need for glyphospate. In addition mining water and depleting aquifers for food production accelerates us down the path to disaster.

    Neonicontinoids, another GMO invention also appear to kill bees.

    One cannot believe scientific studies which are paid for by profit seeking entities. They have and inherent conflict of interest. The tobacco companies proved that for us all.

    • The world doesn’t want the crops that rotation plans require. There’s no five billion dollar market for gourds. If it made fiscal sense, farmers would do it.

      Water depletion isn’t GMO’s fault. In fact we’re using GMO to develop drought tolerant and low water usage strains.

      Plenty of non-corporate-funded research has been performed; their results agree and are part of the consensus on safety. The studies that have shown ill health effects have been debunked. In cases like the “cancer rats” their flawed methodologies have gotten them laughed out of the industry.

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