BBC’s director-general quits

New Statesman:

The BBC’s director-general, George Entwistle, has resigned over mistakes made by Newsnight in reporting allegations of child abuse in a care home in north Wales.

Entwistle made a statement just after 9pm alongside BBC Trust chairman Chris Patten. Patten referred to “unacceptable, shoddy” journalism at Newsnight, and praised Entwistle’s “courage” in acting honourably by stepping down. Neither Entwistle or Patten took any questions, although Patten will appear on the Andrew Marr programme tomorrow.

…Yesterday, the BBC apologised for the Newsnight report which led to Tory peer Lord McAlpine being wrongly identified as a child abuser. It later emerged that the victim, Steve Messham, had identified another man.

Seems it’s the weekend for resignations. Petraeus is gone – but so are the President of Lockheed Martin and Chairman of Waffle House, both also in sex scandals. Powerful men thinking with their penises – it never goes out of fashion.

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  • Men have a limited blood supply. Supplying the brain is #2 on the agenda.

  • adrena

    Out of fashion?

    As long as the patriarchy rules, the sexual abuse of women (see chairman of Waffle House) will not go “out of fashion”.

    A rather insensitive way to describe the continuation of sexual abuse of women.

    One of the most horrendous consequences of sexual harassment is that it takes away A WOMAN’S RIGHT to CHOOSE her sexual partner. Attractive young women do not want to be touched by unattractive men just as attractive young men do not fancy sexual involvement with unattractive women.

    Not to mention women having unwanted sexual advances FORCED upon them through sheer physical brutishness or because of a power imbalance.

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