Associated Press Analysis: Blame GOP Policies For Fiscal Cliff Blowup

The AP’s Charles Babbington says the GOP’s “unbending fealty” to the notion that it is always wrong to raise taxes has blown up in their faces, and no-one should be surprised when there are consequences.

Such intransigence in the face of a narrowly divided U.S. electorate dismays Republicans who say compromise can be vital to a party’s survival.

The collapse of Boehner’s tax effort “weakens the entire Republican Party,” said Rep. Steve LaTourette, R-Ohio, who is retiring after 18 years.

“It’s the continuing dumbing down of the Republican Party,” he said, “and we are going to be seen more and more as a bunch of extremists that can’t even get a majority of our own people to support policies that we’re putting forward. If you’re not a governing majority, you’re not going to be a majority very long.”

…It’s doubtful that any congressional Republicans see themselves as radicals. Polls nonetheless show that key GOP policies are drifting from mainstream American sentiment. The Republican establishment has yet to do much about it.

Worth a read.

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