As Obama Heads to Vietnam, Current Events Overshadow History

New York Times, By Gardiner Harris & David E. Sanger, May 21

Hanoi — When Bill Clinton landed in this lake-studded capital 16 years ago, the first American president to visit since the end of the Vietnam War, his mission was to put that conflict behind him, and the trip was among the most remarkable of his presidency.

When President Obama arrives here early Monday, his task may be a bit less dramatic, but is in many ways far more ambitious. These two countries, bedeviled by decades of misunderstandings, violence and wariness, now have the chance to create a partnership that seemed unlikely even three years ago.

No mention of TPP in this wonderful NYT coverage of the trip, though NPR has.

LAT has: Little Saigon is abuzz hours before Obama’s visit to Vietnam, which mentions it briefly.

WaPo / AP: Obama is off to Asia to boost trade, cooperation – Both a headline and a mention inside the paywalled article.

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