Arrests, tear gas at NJ stadium as riot police face bottle-throwing youths

RT, June 8

New Jersey state police in riot gear were dispatched to MetLife stadium with tear gas, armored vehicles and a helicopter to disperse an unruly crowd of youths reportedly trying to break through a jammed door during the Summer Jam festival.

Thousands of concert-goers hoping to attend what was advertised as “the hottest hip hop event of the year” were faced with sealed and barred doors at MetLife stadium, while a thick line of armored police faced off against rioters just outside the building’s entrance.

It was not immediately clear what caused the major disturbance in the first place, as some reports suggested a number of youths did not get a refund for their tickets and started a row. The concert had already started at the time. Conflicting reports described the stadium’s doors as being shut either prior to the incident or after the row began.

AP/Billboard: Summer Jam Chaos Prompts Several Arrests Outside N.J. Concert

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