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Tuesday night links by the pound:

The Politics of Debt in America: From Debtor’s Prison to Debtor Nation

Can We Stop Another Run on the Banks?

The Digital Safety Gap and the Online Harassment of Women

Sorry, Ramesh Ponnuru. Conservatism Is Doomed.

Europe and the Resurgent Politics of Ethnic Scapegoating

How the Senate’s “Security Requirement” Could Kill Immigration Reform

Meet Ron Johnson, the Randiest of the Ayn Rand Republicans

Here Is a List of Extremists Who Agree With Chuck Hagel on Ending Nukes

Pro-choice on Amtrak: The time I told a group of anti-choice teenagers about myabortion

The Vengeance Doctrine

Climate Changed

The Failure of Egyptian Politics

‘Disturbing’ & ‘Misleading’

The Unsuccessful Plot to Kill Abraham Lincoln

Canada’s unstated paternity policy amounts to genocide against Indigenous children

Is the threat of “peak car” turning makers of cars into “enablers of mobility”?

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