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Jerry Boykin Feels Humiliated ‘as a Man’ With Women in Combat Because of ‘Personal Hygiene’:

It’s just temporary genocide

Dealing With Aaron Swartz in the Nixonian Tradition

“She Had a Heartbeat Too” The Tragic Death of Savita Halappanavar in an Irish Hospital

Confessions Of A Good Girl

Trickle-Down Feminism

Angela Davis Celebrates Sixty-Ninth Birthday: 11 Memorable Quotes From An American Icon

Amina Wadud, portrait of a Muslim feminist

Muslims Need Not Apply

Idle No More is about more than Chief Spence

The Longest Hunger Strike

Our way or the Norway: Managing petroleum wealth in Canada

Energy’s Latest Battleground: Fracking For Uranium

Climate change: it’s even worse than we thought

Life of Pi’s acidic island a warning for our warming world

I wrote a piece on Scottish independence and hit ‘send’. Then the floodgates opened

Rand Paul’s Foreign-Policy Mad Libs

Primer on Jihadi Players in Algeria & Mali (h/t)

The Algerian Tragedy

In N. Africa terror battle, U.S. should lead from way behind

Mohammed bin Nayef’s Debutante Ball

America’s Saudi Problem

Revolution in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia?

Facebook and Instagram Users Being Asked To Upload IDs To Regain Access

Elizabeth Warren Warns Someone About The Beltway/Wall Street Revolving Door

Selling a New Generation on Guns

Dumb America

What Does it Take to Convince Someone?

Can Europe and Latin America Meet as Equals?

A Beachhead in Brazil: Christian Right Legal Center’s “South American Way

Investing in Africa: Is Brazil the New China?

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