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Hump Day link buffet — fresh & hot:

Money Pit: The Monstrous Failure of US Aid to Afghanistan

Bob Rubin’s Washington Reign Reaches 20 Years

Stand Your Ground Left Out Of Gun Control Debate

5 reporting tips from the college student who helped break Deadspin’s Manti Te’o story

A Samoan Hoax

How to redesign the beat for engagement, impact, and accountability

Achieving a gender balance in contributors is not so hard: tips for editors and journalists

Will the new Trudeau Liberals be the old Progressive Conservatives?

Do Canada’s, or Ontario’s, Liberals matter any more

Rights and Realities in Latin America

Global Resource Depletion: Is Population the Problem?

On Benghazi, the Buck Stops with Hillary

Should we worry about global quasi-constitutionalization?

David Cameron’s EU speech – our experts react

Robbing the Roma

US military says Martin Luther King would be proud of its weapons

Exit music (best new Prince choon in YEARS):

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