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Military Commissions at a Crossroads

Why We Won’t Be Leaving Afghanistan Any Time Soon

A Neoconservative Laments Trying To Create A Democracy In Iraq And Transform The Middle East

Building a Better Democracy By Putting an End to Gerrymandering

Not for Prophet

Paul Ryan Cosponsors New Fetal Personhood Bill

Do millennials care about abortion?

Response to Nancy Keenan in Salon: Let’s Set the Record Straight on Millennials and Abortion. Again

Birds, Bees and Bad Information: The Deplorable State of Sex Education in the US

Where are Britain’s black journalists? (h/t)

‘The rich and the rest of us’

A guaranteed income for Canadians would eliminate poverty

Idle No More, Meet the Norwegians

Harper Launches Major First Nations Termination Plan As Negotiating Tables Legitimize Canada’s Colonialism

The Debt Ceiling’s Escape Hatch

And a trillion-dollar platinum coin saved America!:


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  • adrena

    “Nobody looks like this in real life…what you see in magazines and on the runway is a construction project. I won the genetic lottery.” -Runway Model Cameron Russell

    She gave her Ted talk to let little girls everywhere know that nobody looks like a magazine photo in real life.

  • adrena

    Canada’s indigenous people at turning point as Idle No More protests continue

    The details have not been finalized, but Canada’s Prime Minister, the Governor General and indigenous representatives are meeting on Friday, January 11.

    This in reaction to an unprecedented series of protests and hunger strikes loosely organized under the banner of the ‘Idle No More’ movement. Primarily focussed on the First Nation Indian indigenous people, it has also had echoes among the Inuit and Métis of Canada, as well as the Canadian mainstream.

    It started with a tweet on Twitter and the hashtag #IdleNoMore. Then it expanded into a national day of action, and is now a pan-Canadian movement. As well a hunger strike by Chief Theresa Spence in Ottawa, has pushed Prime Minister Stephen Harper and the Queen’s representative the Governor General to agree to meetings on January 11, something that initially did not seem to be probable.

    The success of the ‘Idle No More’ movement has also raised questions about how representative the government-funded Assembly of First Nations (AFN) of chiefs is of the entire First Nations indigenous community. More here

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