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  • Now that Krugman is behind the Trillion Dollar Coin gambit, going so far as to speculate on its design, it’s time to consider fully the design of the coin.

    I won’t consider the full design but I do have some thoughts on it. Namely the size of the coin. See a normal sized coin would attract your movie thieves who disable alarms and rapel down skylights dressed in black tights and leotards and paste pictures of hallways in front of security cameras.

    So the idea would be to make it hard for these small-time but extremely skilled operations.

    So the coin should be made of solid gold and be about eight feet in diameter and two feet thick.

    That’s my thought.

    • I like that Krugman suggests John Boehner for the likeness on the teradollar coin. Custom dictates that he must die before being depicted on US currency, of course.

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