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In the wake of the Delhi bus rape, what is the future for India?

Torture and the Rule of Law

How Obama Decides Your Fate If He Thinks You’re a Terrorist (h/t)

Barack Obama’s Second First Term

Give Barry a Break

4 Things You Need to Know About Secretary of State Nominee John Kerry

Assimilation is not the answer to the Aboriginal ‘problem’

The Goebbels of the English language

Our Absurd Fear of Fat

The obesity myth revisited

A Dose of Narcissism Can Be Useful (h/t)

Syria’s Rising Death Toll: The Darkness Before the Dawn or Sign of a Grinding Stalemate?

The 50 Best Toronto Albums Ever

‘Atlantic’ writer provides no evidence for allegation that Harvard professor is anti-Semitic

How progressive AlterNet and Salon fell for “gang rape” fatwa peddled by Islamophobes

Exhibit A in How an Islamophobic Meme Can Spread Like Wildfire Across the Internet

Taming Plutocrats

Against Pragmatism

Know-Nothings and Knowing Nothing (h/t)

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  • adrena

    Glass Houses: Rapes and Victim-Blaming in the Western World

    It must be a relief for denizens of the Global North to point fingers at the “regressive” cultures of the darker nations. Perhaps the spectacle of Indians marching in protest at the rape allows for the convenient, momentary forgetfulness (or maybe continued avoidance) of the US’s state-led policy of “inadvertently” or deliberately killing and torturing children, some of whom had the audacity to be born to irresponsible terrorist fathers—as Robert Gibbs reminds us. It allows Americans to be undistracted by the racial profiling thousands of Black and Muslim men, or incarceration of hundreds of thousands of Black men in a gratuitous war on drugs, renditions and imprisonment of hundreds of Muslim men—most without ever knowing the charges against them. But at least we know it is because “they are terrorists.” It is a good thing that the US doesn’t have a history of victim-blaming.

    Perhaps the spectacle of 3rd world rape allows Americans to forget its own “rape culture”–the one where the US has had a long history of putting the victims of sexual assault on trial while ostensibly pretending that they were holding a fair trial for suspected rapists. The one where 11 year old girls are gang-raped– –continuously over a period of months. And in which the entire town and one of the nation’s leading newspapers—the same one which points to India’s need to straighten itself out—manages to blame the child. Yes, that moral beacon of colonialism and hypocrisy: the New York Times

    Read the rest here

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