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Saturday AM link farm — fresh picked for your (somewhat obsessive, perhaps even slightly unhealthy) pleasure:

Far-right vacuum [in UK] could trigger ‘lone-wolf’ attacks

The Babies Will Haunt Us

Sure, $5.7B is a stiff price to pay to get out of Afghanistan — but consider the alternative (h/t)

Forgotten History: American Violence, from Sand Creek to Sandy Hook

#IdleNoMore in Historical Context

Indigenous Sovereignty and Human Rights: Idle No More as a Decolonizing Force

The P.U.-litzer Prizes for 2012

Michigan Governor Synder Signs Abortion Superbill into Law

The Human Casualties of the War on Drugs

Future Forecast: Ignoring Half the Picture Yields Surprisingly Poor Results

Drone Strikes: ‘Least Horrible’ Choice In Pakistan, Yemen (h/t)

U.S. drone strikes in Yemen increase (ibid)

The flawed strategy of drone strikes

Bruce Sterling on Why It Stopped Making Sense to Talk About ‘The Internet’ in 2012 (h/t)

Banning guns: the Australian experience

2012: The Year in Economics

What the frack? Combustible water and other late capitalist novelties

No heir to run the company? Why adult ‘adoption’ is big business in Japan

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