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As apolitical as we wanna be — now with extra Jamesons:

Becoming Santa


Liveblogging a Final (h/t)

Daily Caller Comes Roaring Into 1950s, Starts Reviewing Cigarettes



Virginia Tech Cornerback Antone Exum Took Some Random Kids At Best Buy On A $470 Shopping Spree

Santa Claus 2.0: Building drones to replace Rudolph

China Holds Test Run on World’s Longest High-Speed Railway Link

Two Decades After Crown Heights, What’s it Like to be Black and Orthodox Jewish

Haifa’s Festival of Festivals offers ‘a path to tolerance’

Red China’s rise of rock ‘n’ roll (h/t)

Nepal’s Army Officers Ordered To Go Car-Free On Fridays

Les Miz: musicals, artifice and realism

From ‘A Christmas Story’ to ‘The Hangover': TheWrap’s 2012 Guide to Essential Holiday Viewing


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