Are You Wondering . . .

. . . who’s who in the hacking scandal? Fret not, here’s an excellent resource putting all the pieces together.

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  • By folding the rag, Murdoch hopes to quarantine the scandal. I want to see what shows up in the rest of his empire.

    You know that if something worked for NOW, it would be copied by his other hirelings. It’s just a matter of digging. Question here is whether we can trust the FBI.
    Personally, I’d rather see NY State take him on. Cuomo has the guts and ability and maybe even the integrity.

    Retiring Mainframe maven, active curmudgeon, poet, writer.

  • the incestuous relationship between the UK politicians, police, Scotland yard and the press pretty much guarantees there is a lot more to come.

    Brits are finally are asking themselves how someone who is not even British attained so much control and access. I don’t trust our FBI to do jackshit unless it comes out that they hacked 9/11 families or DSK.

  • Telegraph – …the Labour leader said he wanted to forge a cross-party agreement on plans that would reduce the media mogul’s UK market share.

    He said: ”I think that we’ve got to look at the situation whereby one person can own more than 20 per cent of the newspaper market, the Sky platform and Sky News. …”I think he has too much power over British public life.”

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