AP-GfK Poll: Most favor drone strikes, even on Americans

AP, By Emily Swanson & Ken Dilanian, May 1

Washington – Most Americans support using drones to target and kill members of terrorist groups overseas, and a large majority think it’s acceptable to target American citizens if they are members of terrorist organizations, according to a new Associated Press-GfK poll.

But fewer think such strikes are acceptable if an innocent American might be killed.

The poll was conducted in the days after President Barack Obama publicly apologized for a CIA drone strike in Pakistan that inadvertently killed American hostage Warren Weinstein and Italian hostage Giovanni Lo Porto. The strike also killed Ahmed Farouq, an American citizen who was an al-Qaida planning leader. Another strike killed Adam Gadhani, an American citizen who joined al-Qaida and became Osama Bin Laden’s spokesman.

Here are five things to know about Americans’ opinions on drone strikes:

Few Oppose Drone Strikes

Six in 10 Americans favor using drones to target and kill people belonging to terrorist groups like al-Qaida, while only 13 percent are opposed, according to the new AP-GfK poll. Another 24 percent say they don’t favor or oppose those strikes.

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