Anti-Capitalist screed

I agree with most of Joe Bageant’s assessment of the state of what we call Capitalism nowadays. I diverge on his implied notion that fuckheads like Chavez and the rest of the Communists out there provide any kind of viable or acceptable alternative.

You like getting ass raped with a dick that bends to the right or to the left?

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Joe Bageant.

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  • Is “mostly” the history of socialist and communist revolutions but not all of them. Checkout Barcelona early in the Spanish civil war; a kind of collectivism that was violently overthrown by the then ruling communist party. This was the first time the U.S., Britain, and Soviet Union worked together before WW II. The Soviets felt threatened by the kind of collectivism in the Barcelona countryside after the land reforms of 1932 and, at the behest of the Spanish communist government, the Soviet Union encouraged the U.S. and Britain to “protect” their investments. Barcelona briefly became prosperous and a center for the arts and openness until it was crushed in the beginnings of the Spanish Civil War. There is very little to read about this. Most of what is available in in French and not available in the U.S. but Chomsky has an excellent essay on it. You will find these collectivists mentioned in most of the available literature as anarchists “more popular than Republicans or Communists”; Wikipedia does not mention them at all.

    I also wonder about the period of land reforms in post French Vietnam before the U.S. started in. Those reforms created enormous loyalty in the countryside but alas, I cannot find much to read about it.

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