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Just this morning I was wondering where ‘Anonymous’ had gone, kind of randomly pondering if they would ever follow up their attack on HBGary Federal. And then this arrived in my inbox, via Tina. It’s a post announcing a new document dump from Anonymous purporting to be files scraped from the Chamber of Commerce website and a few of its affiliated think tanks. I’m not sure if anything will come of this but can you pass a little popcorn my way in the hopes that something does?

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  • And the folks who make it their business to plow through these mounds of data and inform the rest of us what’s in these docs! It can’t be good.

    The empire is surely rotting from the inside out when big government and big corporate team up to destroy the economy, peel back public rights and freedoms, and wage economic warfare against its own population.

    I’m going to donate to Rand Paul’s audit the fed initiative too, I decided. Not because I am a libertarian, but the one goal he has that I would also like to see is to have the Fed audited.

    I also want to see prosecutions of the major players – individuals, not companies, in the economic meltdown, regardless of whether there are convictions or not, just so the horrific things they have done get paraded in front the public.

    I have also put the Obama people on notice by emailing back his people that I have no money and no vote for them unless 1. they release and publicly apologize to Bradley Manning and 2. remove ANYONE from Goldman Sachs from any political position that gives them control over US monetary policy.

    Since they won’t be able to do that, this may be the first election since I was a teenager where I withhold my vote in protest.

  • They’ve been attacking the PlayStation network because some guy hacked the PS3, installed a different OS and then published the instructions. That pissed Sony off so they sued him. Anonymous decide to avenge the guy.

    The free PlayStation network has been off-and-on for weeks. Now it’s just down, and all the accounts were hacked…quite possibly with CC information released.

    So Anonymous’ claim to fame of being the little guys sticking it to the big guys doesn’t hold a lot of water at the moment, given that the only people they’ve really hurt in their Sony attack have been regular people trying to play games online or watch Hulu/Netflix. And now there’s the little matter of stealing CC data.

  • In some jurisdictions there is a formal procedure to decline your ballot. We have this in at least some provinces in Canada (one may have to push to ensure that the Returning Officer records the ballot as declined rather than spoiled, but they are specifically to be recorded as decline [and, IIRC not actually placed in the ballot box to be counted]). This option doesn’t yet exist here federally (or didn’t the last time I checked) but there is a move to amend the Act to allow for this.

    Let us overthrow the totems, break the taboos. Or better, let us consider them cancelled. Coldly, let us be intelligent. ~ Pierre Trudeau

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