…And Business Is Good!

Jason Linkins explains why NRA head honcho Wayne LaPierre seemingly threw himself and the US firearms lobby under the bus yesterday by doubling down on teh gun-nuttery (like a fox):

So, people wonder how LaPierre could have been so dumb as to sit on his hands for one week and then deliver the presentation he delivered today. And people wonder if, as a result of today’s presentation, David Gregory is going to tear LaPierre a new one on “Meet The Press” this weekend. The people who wonder that have obviously not been watching David Gregory or “Meet The Press” lately, but that’s beside the point.

Wayne LaPierre is only too happy to lose an argument to David Gregory. Wayne LaPierre is only too happy to have people criticize the NRA for its response. Wayne LaPierre hears the scorn that you have for his “guns in schools” idea, and he welcomes it. That’s because today, Wayne LaPierre did not go out in front of reporters in a sincere attempt to mount a policy argument or craft a solution or engender warm feelings from his critics. Today was about synergy. Wayne LaPierre went out in front of reporters because he knew it was time to leverage the Sandy Hook shooting into a unique, sales-boosting opportunity for the industry he represents.

God bless America.

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