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Over at FDL, Siun has hosted an Iraqi humanitarian worker in the comments. You need to read this, and read it in its enirety, but here are some pieces for you:

“Stop telling lies to yourself American. We know that your racist brutal murdering war criminal troops came from your society and reflect its values. we know that because we see how they behave and have to bury their victims. If you are stupid enough to think we feel anything but hatred and contrempt for your soldiers and the country that sent them to make war on my people then you are a fool.”

“Pow wow – nobody cares what your stupid congress thinks or does. Your country is defeated the only question now is the scale of the defeat.

It is not for the loser to dictate terms. Until your troops leave the resistance will keep on killing them because that is the only thing that works with racist empires such as the American empire.

Irak is for the Irakis the murdering pigs who have boiled my people alive in a sea of their own blood are the government and people of the USA. Expecting us to tolerate the presence of your war criminals in uniform on our soil is too fucking stupid to be worth refuting.”

“The problem in Irak is the presence of the invaders. It is not possible to even begin to reconstruct until that problem is solved. The violence is because the American invader is there. Not despite it. If as you claim, you want to help, then you tackle the root problem. Which is that your troops are in our country. Until then the violence will escalate. The attacks are to make the country ungovernable and they are working.”

Go, read. This is why you need to leave. Short of truly comitting genocide, Iraq is over, done. You’ve lost.

Pity we can’t force American politicans, not just to read this, but to spend some time with this woman, or in her hospital.

Those who let loose the dogs of war should be faced with the results of thier actions.

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  • Maryam, who was our guest tonight at Firedoglake, is a Pediatric Oncologist. She was forced to flee Baghdad but is running a refugee camp in Iraq for children who have lost their families in the occupation. She herself has lot many close family members and prior to the current occupation, she treated children with cancer – many cases the result of the radioactive munitions we used during Gulf War 1. That treatment was very difficult since the Sanctions imposed under the first Bush and Clinton blocked shipment of critical medical supplies to Iraqi hospitals.

    I was very grateful for Maryam’s willingness to talk with us – and for the openness of the FDL community during the conversation.

    Thanks Ian for sharing this with our friends at Agonist.

  • I read the words of “Maryam” and understood the justified anger and hatred. I was reminded of a comment I made to a posting by Wesley Clark at TPM Cafe a few years ago. Clark had basically reposted a Washington Post article he wrote the week before suggesting that if he were in command of American forces in Iraq he could change the nature of the war and win it. He used a line to the effect “I wouldn’t go against the American soldier” (not a quote). It was a double edged statement in that it implied both praise for the American military and denunciation of any that suggest that maybe continuing the war with Iraq was a mistake and not the best approach to the future and terrorism. A sentiment with strong “Rovian” qualities.

    I responded that we had killed too many of their children for them to forgive us and in any way be won over by sentiments suggesting the goodness and good intentions of America. I suggested that one way to show our sincerity would be to turn over our political leaders and the upper echelon of the military responsible for the situation in Iraq to the Iraqi people for war crimes trials (as was done with Saddam Hussein).

    But in what I think is a response to the blood curdling hatred expressed by “Maryam” I also stated that if after American forces leave Iraq and there then should be a terror strike within America that was shown to be based somehow from Iraq, no government, Democratic or Republican could avoid returning to Iraq to ensure that such an act never happened again – what should have happened in Afghanistan. What did happen in Fallujah would be a garden party compared to what would happen after such a terror strike. There’s a big difference between a “nation building” phony attempt to spread democracy while stealing a nation’s resources and nation destroying.

    The (and I keep thinking “blind hate” but there’s nothing blind about “Maryam’s” hate) fundamental hatred that “Maryam” expresses toward America and Americans that may lead to revenge attacks in America would also lead to an America united in seeking its destruction, perhaps Noam Chomsky excepted.

    It is truly depressing the extent that Bush and his cohorts and flunkies have damaged everything that was seen as good about America. I don’t think that can ever be repaired, even with an America as powerful as the nation it was for the last 90 years. But both the power and the sense of goodness are gone, likely forever.


    Wesley Clark:
    “Now, never bet against the U.S. military — I wouldn’t ever do that. They are unmatched in dedication and professionalism.”

  • Huh. I thought America’s brutal and blundering foreign policy of the past 50 years “damaged everything that was seen as good about America”.

    Unless, of course, you’re arguing about “non-Oriental” perceptions *only*.

  • For a detailed account of the truth of the matter read Chalmers Johnson’s Blowback, published before 9.11.

    The Iraq war at the root level is but one more way the US has used to advance its empire. It is not hyperbole to say that we are in Iraq precisely because of the decades worth of illegal, immoral interventions in sovereign nations.

    Presidents come and go, generations pass on. The song remains the same.

  • It was the bit about US visas being sought for Iraqi employees of the US forces (mainly translators). If we were settled in for the long haul, why seek these visas on an expedited basis?

    If you haven’t read this piece in The Nation yet, do so. You’ll begin to understand not only what this war is doing to the Iraqi people, but to the mental well-being of our own troops.

  • An even uglier truth: The US government is not solely to blame for America’s imperialistic atrocities. Culpability lies with the US military, at the individual *and* collective level.

    “Support the troops” is flimsy sophistry, designed to protect those who execute their masters’ political will, without question or moral clarity. To justify such servitude as “following orders” should make you wonder if breeding zombies is a noble military tradition.

    In the end, when the body count is measured, what is the effective, observable difference between a Marine and an al-Qaeda member?

  • I have read that the US plans to maintain some large bases in Iraq, regardless of what the outcome is. I had read that some project US troops being there for as much as 30 years hence. Safely behind fortress walls and not venturing into Iraq. Kind of like Guantanamo Bay. I have no idea how true it is but I can see how the US might want a new base in the Middle East. I always thought all the hubbub in Kosovo had something to do getting troops closer to Russia. I may be all wet but I am very cynical of my country’s forays into other countries. There is always seems to be some sinister motive involved.

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