An honest, supportive note to Sanders fans

democrat-logoBernie fans, New Hampshire tomorrow is really important for you guys and the campaign narrative. If Hillary gets a 4-4 delegate tie your media momentum stalls a bit going into South Carolina on the 27th (Clinton 63/33) right before Super Tuesday, March 1st.

If you haven’t phone banked, it’s the single most effective thing you can do right now short of donating a gazillion dollars. And it’s easier than you think after the first couple calls. Some of you have put a lot of soul into progressive projects. Right now, giving Bernie three weeks of your time, or even 4 hours tonight, could be a another big contribution toward your greater goals.

Yes, I’m a Hillary supporter, because I think her plans make a lot more pragmatic sense. I also like Bernie’s intentions, and I respect that extreme lefties are engaging in the political process, perhaps learning some history and a bit about the art of (and need for) compromise along the way.

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