Allen Campaign Security Assaults Constituent

Allen security attacks:

He wasn’t able to get near the senator as he was tackled by three men wearing Allen stickers, presumed to be staffers. He was pushed and manhandled and ended up on the floor, near windows at the Omni.

(Ian update: Video at the link. Constituent is Mike Stark, the blogger at Calling All Wingnuts. The video rather clear shows that Stark was trying to ask questions and he did not attack either the Senator or his staff. I’m not a lawyer, nor do I play one on TV, but my understadning of the legal definition of battery is that Mike Stark has every right to lay charges against any of Allen’s staff involved who attacked him.)

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  • Allen is just taking a page from Bush/Cheney isn’t he? Where subjects, er, citizens are not allowed to criticize their leader face to face?

  • old newsreels I saw of the parliamentary election campaign just before Hitler was elected to the Reichstag….all the brownshirts getting rid of any who protested or asked uncomfortable questions…

    Mike’s not yet got anything up on his site that I see, but I agree with Sterling….I’m smelling charges and/or lawsuit. BAD IDEA….assaulting a law student

    -5.75,-4.05 “I am in earnest; I will not equivocate; I will not excuse; I will not retreat a single inch; and I will be heard.”
    William Lloyd Garrison
    US abolitionist & editor (1805 – 1879)

  • the CNN footage right here.

    The video follows him as he approaches Allen; he’s blocked by the guys in the badges, he says “I’m a constituent, he’s my Senator, and I’m asking a question”, they grab him and hustle him away – and then he hurls the question.

    (I’m actually very happy to see that his reaction isn’t to defend himself in any way. Smart guy.)

    Watch for yourself. It seems the least visually confused account of the incident.

    ( … Link … )

  • Stark confronted Allen.

    There just may be more to this story that what the intial tapes reveal? If Stark has been harassing Allen, it would have provoked a reaction from Allen’s bodyguards.

    I’m not saying that is the case, but Stark may not be as innocent as he first appears?

    I’m not defending or condemning either Stark or Allen, but it may be wise to wait to hear all sides of this confrontation.

  • Kos
    Sat Aug 26, 2006 at 05:11:07 AM PST

    Sen. George Allen gave the slip to protesters, supporters and city officials today, bypassing an afternoon stop in downtown Staunton for an unannounced lunch break at a local drive-in restaurant.
    The last-minute change in plans came minutes after a man identifying himself as a University of Virginia law school student broke in front of reporters at an event at Staunton’s Holiday Inn, forcefully asking the senator, “Have you ever used the word n—–?”
    Allen, caught off-guard but still smiling, put his hands on the man’s shoulders and offered to speak to him later, but aides quickly led the man out of the room and Allen soon boarded his bus and left.

    That UVA law student was, of course, our very own Mike Stark. And the monkey and banana suits are brilliant, with the potential of becoming as iconic as the Kiss Float in Connecticut if local activists adopt the stunt.

    the rest at kos

    in this diary he was asking for donations:

    We’ve got ten weeks until election day. We need to pick up 15 seats in the House and six in the Senate. Do you have confidence that the perpetual Democratic campaign professionals are going to make this happen? Do you enjoy guerrilla media as applied to close elections? If you do, I ask you to contribute today. I promise to do my best for you.
    And I promise I’ll tell you where your money was spent the day after the elections.

  • the idea of “innocent” wasn’t on. But I’ll take effective over innocent right about now.

    Guerilla Tactics 101; provoke, and hope for overreaction.

  • It has to reach the level of “fighting words” to be justifed to attack someone due to what they said. I doubt any judge will think what Mike said justified battery. Perhaps if Allen wasn’t a public figure, but he is.

  • I know if I were Allen or Allen’s people I’d hate Mike and want to take a swing at him. But I wouldn’t do so. And if you feel he’s too disruptive, you get the cops to remove him. If you don’t, get ready to explain why not to a judge.

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