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wot, me worry?

Hi folks, Jay here. We’ve finalized the transfer so The Agonist is once again operating toward its original intent of being a news and opinion community organization. Sean-Paul Kelley himself will occasionally grace the front page with insights and updates on his never-ending journey. I’m happy to see other familiar names still riled up for progress.

There will be some updates to the site structure soon; less intrusive ads, extra tools in the sidebar, and the demotion of less used functions like NewsWire and Categories. What’s most interesting, of course, is our content and editorial direction.

We’re here to bring facts, counterpoints and new perspectives to American and global issues. We have problems with bankers, cops and politicians but none of these jobs are inherently evil, and all are quite necessary for civilized societies. American foreign policy is both a tremendous force for good and a source of meddling around the globe in the name of national security and business interests. Elements of the left and right repeat falsehoods until voters forget the greater picture and demonize their fellow citizens. Identity politics cause rifts and discord when massive cooperation is the only way through this century’s problems.

The truth, and the right paths forward, can only be found in the nuance.

What you read here may make you uncomfortable or even outraged at times. The gender pay gap is a myth, racial politics are backfiring, and your favorite politician is pandering to extremists. We’re going to catch flack for talking about all of these and more. But the truth must out.

If you’re after gaining and sharing a deeper understanding of the events unfolding around us, we welcome your participation. Comments and diaries are open for anyone to post to. If you’re interested in contributing to the front page, especially about under-reported issues overseas, hit the Contact link at the top and introduce yourself.

It’s going to be a wild ride.

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Jay is Editor In Chief of The Agonist, veteran and technologist.

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