Afghanistan: 400 Women Held For "Moral Crimes"

I know it’s been said dozens, if not hundreds, of time already – but the notion that the Western invasion and occupation of Afghanistan has been good for women’s rights there really is ridiculous tosh.

Via Think Progress:

Approximately 400 women and girls are currently imprisoned for ”œmoral crimes” in Afghanistan, says a new report released today by Human Rights Watch (HRW). The report finds that almost all girls in juvenile detention in Afghanistan had been arrested for ”œmoral crimes” which usually involved escaping from unlawful forced marriage or domestic violence.

Some women and girls have been convicted of ”œzina,” sex outside of marriage, after being raped or forced into prostitution.

”œIt is shocking that 10 years after the overthrow of the Taliban, women and girls are still imprisoned for running away from domestic violence or forced marriage,” said Kenneth Roth, executive director of HRW. ”œNo one should be locked up for fleeing a dangerous situation even if it’s at home. President Karzai and Afghanistan’s allies should act decisively to end this abusive and discriminatory practice

And of course neither President Karzai nor Afghanistan’s Western “allies” will do a damn thing. Karzai because he needs the traditionalist, misogynist bloc to hang on to power and his head (and probably agrees with them on this), those allies because they give lip service to women’s rights right up until they clash with more “important” things like permanent bases in the region and perpetuating the welfare service to the US military-industrial complex that the Afghan occupation has provided.

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  • That propaganda line is so absent any credibility, it should be embarrassing to those to utter it.

    We supported the most conservative elements for the 80’s to defeat Communism. They took over and ruined the country. Women used to go to medical school and dress as they chose before our intervention.

    Now, the US supports the same elements plus the Salafists. Wonder why women are treated so badly? It makes perfect sense.

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  • Noun 1. tosh – pretentious or silly talk or writing
    baloney, bilgewater, boloney, bosh, drool, humbug, tommyrot, twaddle, taradiddle, tarradiddle
    hokum, meaninglessness, nonsense, nonsensicality, bunk – a message that seems to convey no meaning.

  • The few periods in the 20th century when Afghan women
    in the cities could “go to medical school and dress as they chose”
    (one of which was during the USSR invasion), were not I believe any time immediately before the current American invasion of Afghanistan.

    So this time we didn’t make it worse. We haven’t made it more repressive than the Taliban.

    Our man Karzai realized pretty soon that although Americans liked the idea of women’s rights, it was not a strategic goal –

    As he was up for reelection, he started trolling for the regressive “Shia personal status law”.

    The rest is not her story.

    see – not a great source
    (“April 24,2011: Afghan women boxer competed in the inaugural International Boxing Association World Youth and Junior Championships in Antalya, Turkey” was a triumph for 2011? )
    but with a little more
    detailed information than I see above.

    Pish tosh 1.1

    The origin of the universe has not as yet been shown to be a conspiracy theory

  • U.S. occupation – not as bad as the Taliban (and pretty good for junkies around the world).

    Since the US and ISI teamed up to fund the repressive goons in 79/80, there have not been periods where women could do much. But the period from 1933 through 1978 was a period of progress (see link below).

    People Democratic Party of Afghanistan (PDPA) was heavily supported by the Russians (Soviet Union). PDPA quickly pushed for massive social reforms.

    “1978 October: Decree was issued. Compulsory education for girls. Bride price was abolished. Minimum legal age for marriage for girls was set at 16.”

    45 years of progress (’33-’78) wiped out by U.S., Pakistani intervention and replaced with 33 years of degradation.

    Crony capitalism is utterly toxic to the people of the world.

    We’d be better off ruled by Tosh 1.0.

    Hope the Carter Center for whatever it is does a study of the Carter administration’s dramatic impact on the plight of women.

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  • A Voiceless Cry

    The sound of green footsteps is the rain
    They’re coming in from the road, now
    Thirsty souls and dusty skirts brought from the desert
    Their breath burning, mirage-mingled
    Mouths dry and caked with dust
    They’re coming in from the road, now
    Tormented-bodied, girls brought up on pain
    Joy departed from their faces
    Hearts old and lined with cracks
    No smile appears on the bleak oceans of their lips
    Not a tear springs from the dry riverbeds of their eyes
    O God!
    Might I not know if their voiceless cries reach the clouds,
    the vaulted heavens?
    The sound of green footsteps is the rain.

    Nadia Anjuman (1980-2005)


    The Veil

    Grisly veil dare not censure me from sight
    Nor, my bare face, my nakedness expose;
    Sun-like I transcend the darkness and shine.
    No blackness, however dense,
    Can forge the mask of confinement.
    Isn’t your flawed morality, Believer,
    To banish me thus behind the veil.
    You devout Visitor
    from the cities of pious way,
    A speck of doubt ought lead you thus astray?
    Let no warped preacher, advocate,
    Bend my proud head, so low,
    To where your footsteps mislead.
    I see no fairness in such wisdom:
    For others’ moral frailty,
    I must reside in hell.
    Conjuror of morality!
    Why conjure up such devious device;
    To conceal from sight my unblemished face,
    Design instead, an opaque veil to hide
    from innocent views your impure gaze.

    Bahar Saeed (b. 1953)

    “OTP – Occupy The Patriarchy” ~ me

  • I posted for shock value

    I was reacting against what I saw to be portrayal of the US invasion as worse than Taliban rule for women- not commenting on any other consequences of the invasion.

    That’s all.
    Good night!

    The origin of the universe has not as yet been shown to be a conspiracy theory

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