Advertise Liberally Membership Criteria

This post covers the criteria for membership in the Liberal Blog Advertising Network. For any and all who did not know, here are the requirements for entry into the network:

* 1. The website must be considered a blog, as defined by general community standards of the term. Thus, only the blog section of news sites like Alternet and community sites like Democratic Underground are allowed into the network.

* 2. Blogads must be the primary advertising service on the blog. We need to grow this company if we are going to succeed.

* 3. The blog must focus on American politics–or American international relations–above all other topics. Having politics be one of the topics on your blog does not cut it. Advertisers must know they are reaching a politically dedicated audience. No exceptions.

* 4. The blog must have a front page blogroll linking to a list of progressive blogs. You must be a good blogosphere citizen to join.

* 5. The website must focus primarily on the production of original content, not just linking to other websites. This helps keep the network focused on blogs rather than other types of sites, and helps prevent copyright violation within the network.

* 6. The blog must be overtly liberal / progressive in political orientation. Mixed websites that features writers on the left and the right are not allowed in. There are no exceptions to this rule. It is the Liberal Blog Advertising Network after all, and I take a pretty loose definition of the term liberal anyway.

* 7. The blog must be at least six months old. (Exceptions are possible, but they must be, well, exceptional.) This is done to ensure that blogs in the network will not shut down on a regular basis.

* 8. The blog must regularly post new content, defined as four days of posting a week for six months (grace periods of two weeks are allowed when it comes to this in the event of personal business, finals, or some other major event). Our advertisers need to know they are posting on active websites.

* 9. The blog must prominently feature a link to the order page of the Liberal Blog Advertising Network, preferably the Advertise Liberally button. Promoting the network is part of membership in the network (although, obviously, there is no need to do this until you join).

* 10. The blog must have more than 2,500 page views a week for two months in order to join the network. Either Blogads or Site Meter traffic is acceptable for this measurement. Our advertisers know that their ads are reaching people.

* 11. You must participate in the Blog Reader Project–this is to your benefit, as it helps BlogAds better understand your readers and better target the sales of ads on your blog. For more information see .

* 12. The manager of the Advertise Liberally BlogAds Hive reserves the right to remove any member at any time without notice for violating any of these terms.

* Note number two: If you think your website meets these criteria, email me at If I think your blog meets these criteria, I’ll let you in. If I think your blog does not, I will not let you in. If you disagree with my decision, you are welcome to start your own advertising network on Blogads. Anyone can do that. The netroots have generally been defined by do-it-yourself operations, and the Liberal Blog Advertising Network is no different.

This list of criteria was originally developed by Chris Bowers at

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