‘Abolishing the Sabbath’: Wisc. Republican proposes doing away with day of rest for workers

Raw Story, By Arturo Garcia, April 3

Democrats in Wisconsin accused a Republican state lawmaker of putting factory and mercantile workers’ chances for rest at the mercy of their employers, the Madison Capital Times reported.

State Rep. Mark Born’s (R) proposal would allow workers in those fields to “voluntarily choose” to waive the state requirement of at least one “day of rest in seven.” The bill is being co-sponsored in the state Senate by another Republican, Van Wanggaard.

“Why would we not want to allow employees who want to earn that money for their family — especially with the tough economic times we’ve just come through — people are picking up second jobs and things,” Born said regarding the measure. “It seems to me the opponents of this would rather have someone go work a second job than just have the simple opportunity to work those extra days when their employer has work.”

But state Rep. Daniel Riemer, who leads the Assembly Committee on Workforce Development, said the bill could be used to leverage workers into taking less pay, and characterized the bill as a step backwards in the wake of the heavily-criticized “right-to-work” legislation signed into law by Gov. Scott Walker (R) last month.

“There’s something culturally, even spiritually important about having a day of rest,” he said. Another Democrat, state Sen. Chris Larson, jokingly called Born’s bill the “Abolishing the Sabbath Act” in an interview with The Nation.

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  • Yes, if Wisconsin state employees decided to work on their Sabbath days, they would very soon break the budget for employee salaries and give the conservative legislature an excuse for cutting budgets and eliminating employees and “contracting out” services to private entities with the claim they would save taxpayer money. It’s a movie we have seen before.

    And I wonder how they would feel about working on the Sabbath anyway? Values voting and all that….

  • This is a mere formality.

    The US gave up its respect for the Sabbath when it instituted the state religion of Mammon.

    aka: Profit uber alles.

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