A Racist Libel

In case you were wondering, over in Scotland the grassroots campaign for a “No to Independence” vote is getting ugly, and racist. Horribly, Labour Party stalwarts are leading the nastiest attacks, fearing that Independence will destroy their power in Scotland. Wings Over Scotland has the details, and an excellent comments thread.

The folks at Wings are capable of doing actual journalism as well as op-eds, as they recently proved by doing what no-one in the British media had thought to do over the question of an independent Scotland’s membership in the EU. Well worth a bookmark if you’re following the Independence debate.

3 comments to A Racist Libel

  • matttbastard

    Passing this along to my mother (who was inquiring re: recent developments in the independence fight — she’s a staunch supporter).

    Down with the House of Windsor. Long live the republic.

  • Synoia

    I’m somewhat ambivalent about Scots independence, in that I have no strong opinion. For those who do have a strong opinion I don’t want to enter argument, because I do not know the facts.

    That said, I’d be very careful about joining the Euro. It appears Germany calls the policies in the Eurozone, and I doubt that in seeking their independence the Scots would want to exchange Whitehall’s embrace just to enter Germany’s.

    There is an advantage to being Sovereign in one’s own currency.

  • matttbastard

    There is an advantage to being Sovereign in one’s own currency.

    Norway is an example of the route an independent Scotland (and perhaps the UK) might pursue in lieu of a Berlin-dominated Eurozone.

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