A possible solution for keeping the Agonist alive and kicking

This is what Jeff wrote:

I agree with Steeleweed that there is quite a bit of work needed to keep it going and I agree with Collins that many hands make light work. And I would hope that Hynd would stick around enough to remind us every now and then of the realities that he is aware of from this last years experience.

Is the community strong enough to pull it all off? I really don’t know but I am up for trying to find out.

I would like to suggest the following:

The Agonist community consists of many great minds as is evident from the numerous thoughtful and intelligent comments made to the varied articles. The lack of having a diary in which to better explain one’s views continues to be a sore point. However, there is a solution for this.

Anyone interested in having their article posted on the front page can email their essay to me and I will place it on the front page for you, with proper acknowledgement, of course. I will not edit your essays as  English is not my mother tongue and I continue to be grammatically challenged. Maybe steeleweed would be the better person to take this on or it could be a combined effort as I enjoy including photos to add some “oomph” to the front page.

I believe that contributions from a multitude of great minds will keep the Agonist vibrant, meaningful and above all, a ‘true’ community effort.

Finally, as some of you have indicated, Tina would always be welcome back to add her own astute observations and to add some much needed lightheartedness.

So what do you think?



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  • BTW, I should have mentioned that it doesn’t have to be me who takes responsibility for this. You can take my idea and run with it. Choose someone of your liking.

    I have to walk on my own path I joined Twitter not too long ago (thanks Matt) and am falling in love with it. It’s a whole new world out there.

    Truth be told, I would rather leave as I’ve already decided who I am going to follow.

    I wish you all the best and like to thank everyone, especially SP and Steve, for having had the courage to allow me to be myself. That’s the best gift this woman has ever had.


  • I am circulating my thoughts privately to the editors and hope we can come up with a process to keep the place robust and interesting. When we have individually and collectively decided how we want to proceed, I will let our community and readers know.

    Thanks for your patience and support – your good will is refreshing in a world of downers.

  • Thanks Ann, for your kind words. It is very much appreciated. I read your comment earlier on my iPhone before it disappeared.

    All the best to you.

  • Why there are no diaries now.

    When Agonist converted to WordPress from Drupal, we were going to use the diaries in BuddyPress, which is a big plugin for WordPress. However, the theme we used for Agonist, Atahualpa, is not supported by BuddyPress. This took two weeks to figure out and is not documented anywhere.

    BuddyPress says their soon to be released next version will support all themes. If it does, then the diaries will work.

    Atahualpha has hundreds of thousands of installations and allows the look and feel of a blog to be changed in literally hundreds of ways from the control panel and without coding.It makes it easy for non-coders to configure a theme.

  • Perhaps I need a proper schooling on twitter. At the moment I like twitter best when someone points me to longer things worth reading. But often I must wade through twitter chaf to get to the wheat. It seems to me that the purpose of a good blog is having good writers and editors who have pre-filtered stuff for me. One of the blogs I like is boingboing by Cory Doctorow. I like its eclecticity. And indeed that was one of the things I liked about The Agonist, its eclecticity and, of course, the eclecticity support provided by the diaries. And more importantly were all the various thinkers Jean Paul was able to discover and attract here. And when good thinkers start commenting on each other, well, you know, the old days here…

    That is the reality of a sum being greater than the parts. And I so far do not see that in twitter. A good blog like that is likely a fragile flower. And I am really pessimistic that another can be grown on this ground. But what the heck I’ll keep plowing the ground.

    Thanks for your idea. But really there is no substitute for an actual diary page. I think it was Steve’s only real failing here at the Agonist, was his lack of a grasp of just how important a role that page plays here. And not just him, probably all of us have not realized the diary page’s true value in the Agonist ecology. In hindsight we (the agonist community/owner/Steve et al whatever the fuck) should have, upon realizing that Diaries were out, should have begun immediately to implement on a new theme. But that’s easy for me to say, I wasn’t involved in all the work.

    • I only meant it as a temporary solution since I remember Steve mentioning several times that the addition of a Diary function was planned for the future.

      But Polizeros has given you a definite answer. Your dream of having a diary will become reality very soon.

      As for Twitter, I view it as a great gateway to many other blogs that offer “eclecticity”. I take it in small doses and never know on what topic my eyes will rest. It could be politics, science, nature or art. I find it fascinating.

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