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Telephone Service Phone Service
We have been talking to some friends about life after bankruptcy. One of our friends swears he cannot get long distance phone service because of his bankruptcy. This occurred almost 6 years ago. more

Debit Card Car Rental After Bankruptcy
Does anyone know which car rental companies accept debit cards? I intend to file bankruptcy in a couple of months and found out, to my surprise, that most car rental companies will not accept a more

Attorney Question About List Of Assets
I've just started a chap 7. OK, my attorney has had me list all my household goods and furniture which I did and gave each item a "garage sale" price. Most of my stuff is old (not antique) and not more

Debt Consolidation Lying In Wait Post BK Discharge
How are these lenders allowed to get away with this stuff? Never late on mortgage until we filed BK 7 and were told to stop paying and informed trustee house is being given up. One lender gets more

Credit Card Credit Cards Whilst In Chapter 13?
Here I am, hoping to have enough money next paycheck for payment #16 of 36, and in today's mail comes a credit card offer from CAPITAL ONE. For a Platinum Master Card, initial credit line from $300 more

Credit Report Bankruptcy Or Settling On Bad Debt Charge-offs?
Which is more damaging to ones character: Filing for bankruptcy after several bad debt charge-offs; or settling on the bad debt charge-offs and not filing for bankruptcy. Which one is perceived more

Home Buying Illinois Bankruptcy
Question: very new to this so in need to some advise, my parents are up to their necks in CC bills, over 75g's. they own a house worth 120-130 and still owe about 30 thousand, will they be able to more

Debt Court Date And Question
Well we're only 2 days away form our 341 meeting and we're nervous as hell. Natural I guess. One question though: WE've not heard anything from any of the creditors (99% medical bills, 1% more

Attorney Chapter 7 Questions
My wife and I are seriously considering Chapter 7 within the next few months. I do have some questions on what we will be able to keep. We would like to stay in our current home. We have between more

Credit Card Debt Question
I am contemplating filing for bankruptcy. I have debts that have been owing since May . How is it until they can call collections? Also, if I go bankrupt will I be able to travel to the US? (I'm in more

College For Applying For Financial Aid?
I'm scared to ask this question, because I'm scared as to what I'm going to have to tell my daughter about her college dreams. Does anyone have any experience/advice regarding applying for more

Money Management Ch 13 Payments
I just don't understand this. I am filing Ch 13, my creditor's meeting is tomrrow afternoon. My lawyer proposed I pay 15% which would be 275.00 a month. I was told this wouldn't work if all my more

Loan Auto Help, I Am Going Crazy Over My Bills!!!
Hi, I am very short of a breakdown. I am currently being sued and have a summons from a lawyer for a credit account of 500.00. I am going to pay it so I don't have to go to court. That's the least more

Mortgage Waiting For Discharge
We've had our meeting and are now just waiting the two months for our discharge. What happens in this time? Why two months? Can any of the creditors (none of which came to the meeting) contest more

Credit Card Debt OHIO BK ?
I am seeing lawyer this week for BK... Have been told that I will not be allowed to file as I am on spouse checking & saving accounts. Even tho I am listed..this is strictly his money. He is no more

Mortgage Chapter 13 Discharge Question
I no longer have an attorney since my Chapter 13 was discharged and thought someone could help with a question that I con't seem to get answered. I'll first tell my situation and then ask the more

Loan Calculator Loan Options
Some quick calculations: On a 95% Loan to Value at 5.75% your principal & intrest payment would be $973.62 for 360 payments totaling $350,503.20. Add in 111 payments of PMI at 117.33 and you more

You Feel Help
My wife and I filed for chapter 13 in April of this year. I understood that none of the debtors were to contact us in any way. Last week I got 3 calls from the people I have my house financed with more

Auto Loan Going Bill Crazy Update
The summons is for 500.00. I want to respond to the court so I don't get a judgement against me. I intend to pay the 500.00. However I am right in the middle of trying to get a consolidation more

File Bankruptcy Considering Going BK...need More Info
I joined this newsgroup because I was hoping someone could steer me in the correct direction. I am strongly considering declaring Chapter 7 but don't know a lot about it. Is it better to file more

Bankruptcy Chapter Receiving Letters From Bankruptcy Attorneys About Being Sued...
This past week we've rec'd several letters from bankruptcy attorneys claiming that one of our cc banks has filed suit. This is news to us, we have not yet been notified in any way by them more

Credit Card Rebuilding Credit
Hello all, any help would be apprecited. What is the best way to rebuild credit after a ch. 7? I have my discharge papers--is a secured credit card the way to go and if so, where/how do I find a more

Attorneys Attorney Fee
About to file for Ch. 7. Question: Can I sell my second vehicle (it is a junker, paid in full, I own the title) to come up with the money for an attorney? It is worth about $2000. Also, more

Mortgage Question About Refinancing A Mortage After Discharge
We got our discharge in July of this year. We would like to refinance our current (and only) mortgage. The interest rate is pretty high (over 10%) and our payments are making it difficult to live more

Pregnancy Test Awaiting Discharge - Receiving Gifts?????
Couple of questions in this post. First off, I filed back in August and had my 341 in September. Everything went well, and I am just waiting on the discharge papers. I called the bankruptcy more