Life After Bankruptcy

Have That Filing And No Real Property
I have one question about filing-- the car I drive is not mine, it has never been in my name. Do I have to worry about someone claiming that it is really mine, since I drive it? Also, I have more

Credit Card Can A Dept Store Take Back An Item Being Repaired?
I filed for bankruptcy back in Nov, nothing has been discharged yet. I have an item that I purchased from Sears which is covered by an extended warranty; both purchsed using their credit card. more

Attorneys Motion To Set Aside Dismissal?
How would I file one of these? In reference to my earlier post about the lawyer and trustee errors, I just heard from the Trustee's office, and was told there's really nothing they can do. It more

Sample Letter What Do I Do About My Dismissed Case Due To Lawyer And Trustee Errors?
I worked up over $30,000 worth of debt, and was advised that my best option was bankruptcy. After searching for a good attorney, I settled on the firm of Robert G. Winterbotham, mostly due to more

Bankruptcy What A Nightmare..
My bankruptcy went thru in september, and I have had BOTH my cars go belly up... too old, and too much money to repair them. So I thought I would try getting a car loan. 1st, they wont sell me more

Know I Working, Filing, Can Anyone Explain Trustee Aspect?
I lost my job in Nov. Was unemployed for 10 months. Was a computer tech. Now I mop floors. My current debt is about $30,000. My current salary is $480/wk. I realize I'm not going to be eligible for more

Debt Bank Accounts And Chapter 7
Are all funds in a bank account removed to partially pay off creditors in a chapter 7 discharge (in california?). If no, is there a formula used or is it just what the trustee feels you need? more

Pregnancy Well, This Is It!
As some of you know, we have been talking about converting from a Chapter 13 to a Chapter 7 during the last several months. Tomorrow is the big date--appt. with the lawyer to do the paperwork. more

Insurance Auto Insurance
Does anyone know of an auto insurance company that will insure a discharged Chapter 7 applicant via the Internet? I have an impeccable driving record that extends over the past 35 years, but the more

Personal Loans Student Loans
I've been awarded my financial aid for the spring semester. Its a large sum of money due to the college I attend. I'm wondering if in a chapter 13, if I need to avoid putting this into my more

Bankruptcy Filed Chapter And Forgot Some Creditors ????
I filed chapter 7 but then realized I forgot to mention an o/s bill of AT&T now with collections agency for $220.00 and I also owe sprint $600.00. what do I need to do, keep quiet or ammend my more

Real Estate Desperation.
My lawyer told me that I needed to get a written Market Analysis from a realtor. I spoke to a realtor & explained my situation. I owned a portion of property along with my family & that I didn't more

Bankruptcy ? About Chpt 7 & Foreclosure
Husband and I have 2 mortages on a home valued at $190,000. Selling it isn't an option as house's just aren't going right now in our area for what we would need to break even on it. Along with $12, more

Credit Report Old Charge-offs
I am thinking of filing for a Chapter 13 (can't do Chapter 7 because of some disposable income after living expenses.) I have had credit problems for a long time... before I was married. Some of more

Bankruptcy Scared
Hi all, I'd like to run my situation by you'll and see what you think if anyone cares to comment t.i.a. I'm 62yrs old and on SSDI. I had an inheritance of considerable, but health problems more

Loans Payday Loan Disaster
I am filing for bankruptcy soon and was curious, if a default payday loan (NSF) because they deposited and my paycheck did not go into my account as usual. They are putting high penalties on more

Bankruptcy Stonewalling Instead Bankruptcy?
I keeping wondering, what methods, can be I use to stall & stonewall creditors? One that come to mind are sending in partial payments. Are they any consumer laws that require creditors to keep more

Attorneys Chapter 7 And Intellectual Property.
How is intellectual property handled in chapter 7 cases? I am filing ch 7 for personal bankruptcy. I have no assets but I do have creative work that could hopefully generate income from sale (book more

Collection Need To Amend For Collection Agency I Left Off?
I filed my BK and had my meeting last month. I just ran my credit report and saw that there is a collection agency which I have never heard from and so didnt know existed. I did not include them more

Bankruptcy Should I File?
Hi, i needed some advise on whether to file bankruptcy. i have about $10,000 in debt medical and auto accident bills. I'm 19 years old and i don't own property. I have about 2,000 in my checking more

Mortgage Chapter 7.. What A Joke
Well here is a brief senerio of my situation. I owed approx. 25K in cc debt and an unsecured personal loan for 10K to HFC. 18 months ago I finally gave up after trying to maintain the minimum more

Calendar Usual Time Frame For Conversion
All seemed to have gone well with our conversion from a chapter 13 to a 7, and the lawyer seemed optimistic that all would be well. However, his only concern was that my husband's rise in income more

Real Estate Bankruptcy And Debit Card Purchases.
Here's a question-- when a chapter 7 or a chapter 13 bankruptcy is declared, is there a test to see if purchases are "valid" or if theyu're a sign that the individual isn't truly in need of a more

Who Is What Should I Look For, And What Should I Have?
What should I look for in a bankruptcy attorney. The phonebook is jammed with adds. Anyway to seperate the wheat from teh Chaff? Also, when going for my first meeting, what should I have with me? more