When To Send And Make Your Bridal Shower Invitation


Depending on the complexity of the bridal shower invitation, if there is assembly involved and a certain printing method chosen, some bridal shower invitations can take 1 week to print and some can take several weeks to print especially during the busy times for weddings and holidays. Be sure to plan your bridal shower and order your bridal shower invitations at least 8-12 weeks in advance. This will ensure that you will receive them in plenty of time to address, add postage and mail your bridal shower invitation. Most formal bridal shower invitations need to be mailed 2-4 weeks in advance so people can reserve the date for your party. More informal bridal shower invitations can be mailed 2-3 weeks in advance. If you have many out of town guests attending you may want to mail the bridal shower invitations as early as 6 weeks in advance so everyone is sure to reserve the date for your party so that they can attend. When addressing your bridal shower invitations they should be addressed like this: Mrs. John Smith, address, address, or you can use a more informal Mrs. Jane Smith, address, address, and for the least formal way to address your bridal shower invitation is like this: Jane Smith, address, address. You have many different choices of colors, themes and even the type of paper that you will use for your invitations. You should always plan ahead so that you don't have any mismatched items. You can set the bridal shower invitation as the same theme or color scheme as the wedding or you can plan a different style of event, depending on the styles or themes that you are using or how the bridal shower will be decorated and the bridal shower invitations are designed.

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