Anticipated Repayment Start Date, Of Student Loans?

Q: In addition to graduation, what events can trigger, or accelerate the anticipated repayment start date, of student loans? I thought I recalled reading somewhere that a lender can require you to start repaying your student loans if you fail to make satisfactory progress, even if it doesn't specifically state this in the promissory note.

A: -The repayment process of your student loan begins was you cease being enrolled at 1/2 time status or graduate. Satisfactory academic process does not play a role in the repayment; however, if you fail to meet your school's SAP guidelines you can be denied additional financial aid. -if you drop below part time (less than 6 units) or do not attend school for more than 6 months they can require you to start repaying your student loans. i am also pretty sure that they reqire you to keep a C average or satisfactory grades but i am not posative. -As long as you are enrolled at least 1/2 time (full-time for students who have pre 1987 (I think) loans) then your loan can be deferred. Once you drop below 1/2 time status or graduate then you lender will put you into the repayment process. Satisfactory progress only affects your ability to receive new aid. If you don't meet the schools minimum standards you can still attend and have your previous loans deferred, you just have to pay tuition out of your own pocket.

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