Florida Power Of Attorney Form

Q: What do you know about Florida Power of Attorney-Real Estate? Do you need a lawyer to get a power of attorney in Florida for a real estate issue (refinancing when spouse is out of the state)? Is it enough to copy of the forms out of a legal forms book and get it notarized? Can anyone give me suggestion/ideas???

A: You will need a Specific/Limited Power of attorney for use in Florida. It must be specific to the property and it must show the legal description. Title companies and lenders are extremely picky about which from will be accepted. A General POA is typically not accepted nor are the forms the Military supplies (these are too broad and all do not contain the correct verbage) If you are already in the process of the refinance contact the title company you are using and ask them to supply you with a POA specific to your property. If you have not started yet, call a local title company, with a promise of business, one may even supply you with the correct form at no charge. FYI - POA in Florida must contain the following: 1. 2- Witnesses 2. Notary 3. Correct spacing on page for the county to record. Let the lender know immediatly that you will be using a POA, provide a copy to the title and the lender for them to approve. Do this upfront so if issues arise you will have time to correct.

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