Email Address For The Attorney General Special Council Charles Mifsud?


Q: Email address for the attorney general special council charles mifsud? charles mifsud special council 326 s. high street annex suite 201 columbus ohio 43215

A: This country is getting out of hand, insurances have sky rocketed, heath care is terrible and the rate of inflation at the grocery stores, gas, lodging... soon none of us will be able to eat. Real Estate has gone bonkers, young people starting will never be able to purchase a house. My friends and myself feel we the people don't have a say anymore. Like the greed of government oil companies etc, have made our life stressful and dis trusting. My insurance for business was $650.00 last year this year $3300.00 that is just my small beauty Salon then my house and health insurance, I can barely make ends meet. It's scary. I make $19,000 a year and pay out more then half of that to insurances, do I get a break ?? NO do the illegals "YES" we pay for their health care food stamps, help with housing, hey I need help myself. Because I had Cancer ten years ago, I have paid the highest insurance premium's, I get to the ten year...and it's to bad for me.... I feel I have been punished for 10 years because I got sick, it's not insurance anymore... it's a high interest loan. The Government need to quit spending money so foolishly and help it's people out.

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