Format Business Card For Avery 8371

Q: FORMAT BUSINESS CARD FOR AVERY 8371 Publisher's multiple per page option is set for 8 cards per page. The Avery 8371 templates are set for 10 cards per page. How do I reconcile it? Thanks for your help.

A: -What version Publisher? In 2002-03, select business cards in the page setup, you needn't a template number if the card is the standard 2 x 3.5. Click change copies per sheet, set the top margin to .75, side margin .5 and the gaps to zero. This will result having 10 cards. In Publisher 2000 and below, you change the margins and gaps when you finish creating your card and go to print. Click Page Options, click Custom Options. -Here's I do it with Publisher 2000. File Page Setup Special Size Business Card from the drop down menu OK Create card. Assuming you are using standard business card stock of 2 wide and 5 high; File Print Page options button Print multiple copies per sheet Custom options button Margins = .5" Gap = 0" Side Margins = .75" Vertical gap = 0" OK OK OK And it's printing a sheet of ten cards. Save the file and all the settings will be saved for the next batch of the same cards.

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