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Sending a post card is a common way of letting people know that you are thinking about them while you are on holiday. For the card post printing process, various pictures are put on small cards and the back of the card is free to write a short message and an address. However, with advances in computer technology, even this simple way of sending a message seems to becoming obsolete. You can print your own postcards using your own pictures with your printer and the special paper you need. This eliminates having to find a postcard printer and having to haggle over prices. Usually the first printing is the most expensive part of having the cards professionally done and when you need another set of cards, the post printing process in much cheaper. This is because for postcards, the post printing process does not require the set up of the press. This has already been done with the first layout and the printer just has to use the same type. If you require a different picture, then the complete process has to be done all over again and you may be able to get a discount as a repeat customer. If you prefer to try your hand at printing your own postcards, the postal service requires a certain type of paper for these cards to be mailed. The paper has to have a minimum spec of .007 inches and it can be coated or uncoated. Uncoated post card paper does not have clay in the paper and the picture will not stand out as well on this type of paper. Coated paper for postcards has the coating on the picture side only because it is difficult to write on the coating. There is a reason for using coated paper on a card to post. Printing on coated paper enhances and protects the picture while it is going through the mail and there are several types of coatings that you can use. Aqueous coating provides a glossy coat to the picture and this is applied in the final process of printing. UV coating is the one most often used in postcards and is also applied after the card has been printed. Laminating is another way of providing a glossy coat to commercial postcards. Of these, the aqueous coating is the cheapest because it requires only one printing application.

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