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Q: Peter Francis James has joined the case of ALL MY CHILDREN in the recurring role of Dr. Wescott, a physician who assists Pierce (Maxwell Caulfield) with his frequent flashbacks. Peter can currently be seen on Broadway in "Anthony and Cleopatra" which co-stars Vanessa Redgrave. His first airdate will be March 19. Joining Peter at AMC will be Remak Ramsay in the recurring role of Frederick, a psychic that Maria (Eva LaRue Callahan) enlists to help deal with her strong feeling that her baby is alive. Ramsey's first airdate is March 24.

A:I can't stand it. I want Erica to do prison time for kidnapping when this all comes out. No matter what you Maria haters out there think, no one deserves to have their child stolen. Period. And even with the twisted laws in PV, kidnapping has GOT to be a crime. And now I see on the 24th Maria will still be without her baby. Just out of curiosity, can FAC Erica defend Erica's actions? Leslie, even you have to admit this is just pure evil. And I don't see this as vintage Erica Kane either. This is more like Taylor Cannon, psycho at large. I hope Jackson has to have Derrik cuff Erica and cart her off to jail AGAIN. Maybe this time she will have to stay for awhile. First off, I am not big fan of Erica. I think Susan Lucci is a fine actress and all, but I have never really cared for Erica. I also had been a very big fan of Maria, but... Erica did not kidnap Maria, or Maria's baby. She did trick Maria and yes kept the door locked for some period of time, but that was because she had to deal with a confrontation, that she had all rights to make. Maria had lied for months to Erica (as well as Dimitri). Then, Erica could have left Maria in labor to deal with it herself. It is not Erica's fault that Maria doesn't know how to set up the roam function on her cell phone, and it is not Erica's fault that Maria's car didn't work, and it is not Erica's fault that Maria went into early labor. Erica delivered the baby, at great personal pain, (if anyone has ever lost a pregnancy, they would know how horribly difficult it is to be around pregnant women or babies, let alone feel any compassion for them in the least - especially since it takes months to years to grieve the loss), she then promised Maria she would take the baby to the hospital. She then tried to drive the baby to the hospital, again it is not her fault she got into an accident, and almost lost her own life. Yes, Erica was careless, but Maria was more careless, anyone in her 8th month of pregnancy, should have the brains to check out their cell phone and car before going anywhere alone, plus she should have made sure that Peggy or someone knew where she was going. This is something that all people should do, and a brain surgeon should be smart enough to know that. So although I am not a big fan of Erica, I do not think that Erica needs to be punished for what she did, she was hurt and she confronted Maria on it, but she did no physical harm to Maria or the baby. And Maria needs to grow up and stop thinking that the earth revolves around her, she has become a selfish twit, who does wrong to many people, and then gets mad at them for being upset about it.

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