Deferring A Student Loan Hardship Or Disability In Ame

Q: I am either qualified for undo hardship or disability for deferring a subsidized student loan. I haven't made a dime in 5 years, I have borrowed a few thousand dollars for student loans. I could no longer go to college do to a permanent disability. The only money I have is from my wife who only gets around 700 a month. How or where do I get the form to defer this loan. Is it easier to get undue hardship or disability to defer the loan. I have a subsided loan and haven't had to pay anything since I just left college in May. Is the loan provider the bank where the loan was made by, like Bank of America?

A: - Contact your loan provider/servicer ASAP and they will send you the necessary paperwork for a deferral. Some providers/services have online websites that spell out what type of deferments are offered and how one qualifies. I believe hardship is when one is either not working or not making enough income that paying the loan represents an economic hardship. Either way most loans have several years of each so you may be able to take advantage of both. However one must consider that the interest on these loans has to be paid eventually. During deferment the government pays the interest on subsidized loans. You must either pay the interest on unsubsidized loans or it will be added into the balance when the deferment is up. It is important to remember you are responsible for all payments until notified your deferment has been approved, so the sooner you fill in the paper work and get it back the faster you can stop making payments. During deferment it might be a good time to see if you can get some of the interest paid or try to bring down the principal, this will make things easier when payments restart. I'm not sure, but you can check with your loan provider/originator about any programs for people who are permanently disabled and therefore never going to work again. There may be away to have your loans forgiven or at least some of them. - Just contact the agency that issued you the student loan. Their phone number should be on each bill they send you. I would be surprised if you run into much resistence in your request to defer your student loan, however, that might depend on the length of the deferral you need. - That do be them! A quick check of your promissory notes should tell you who holds your loans at the moment. If you are still on the recent graduate grace period then the sooner you sort this out may allow you to avoid making payments at all. Again this all would depend on what your disability is and weather or not the federal government considers that a total disability, your bank will be able to tell you all this. .

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