Need A Good Divorce Lawyer In Los Angeles???

Q: After 5 1/5 years with a very evil person, I need to get a divorce. I need a very agressive lawyer, a shark, that can fight for me. My soon to be ex have vowed to clean me out and fight as dirty as possible, what ever it takes. I need a good lawyer, at what ever the cost, I can pay. Please let me know if you have any good leads.

A: - I'm in the Santa Clarita Valley, and have a good attorney myself. My STBX also has a very aggressive attorney. Would an attorney up here help, or do you need city of Los Angeles? -You need a lawyer who will tell on what signficant issues to fight and what to try to resolve. If you and your wife are both looking for tough lawyers, you both will piss away a lot of money, if you're making heaving 6 to 7 figure incomes that might make sense, if you're below that, pick your battles. -I'd say that this is a balancing act. If you spend an extra $20k and save only $20k more in assets, you've only managed transfer those assets to your lawyer. Nice for the lawyer. But if you spend an extra $20k and preserve $40k in assets, then at lease you and your lawyer both take shares. The problem is, no one can guarantee this result. What you need is a lawyer who can give you a realistic appraisal of what can be done, and not a snow job that leaves you with unrealistic expectations. IMO, you should consult several and decide who has the best feel for your situation.

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