Laws Of Sexual Harassment

Q: 0 Is there any laws for Sexual Harassment for retail, grocery stores? i work in a grocery store and people of all ages keep grabing me "not little kids" and theres nothing that i can relly do about it i tell my boss he dos very little about it and i try to tell the police sometimes that helps after like 2 or 3 times. these people either grab my butt or they just hit me in the shoulder when im up doing carry-out is there any thing elce that i could do outher then get anther job i guess it's going to go on all summer i just don't know what elce i can do

A: You need to watch a "little" movie called "The Secret" as soon as possible. They tell you exactly how to deal with this kind of thing. You can go to and watch the trailer if you need to, pay the 4.95 it costs to watch this online. You can pay for it now, and watch when you have the time. Trust me, this movie has saved a lot of people, and you may have seen some of the people in this movie on Oprah, Ellen, and Larry King Live. You'll be glad you watched.

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