How To Stop Former Employer Harassment (legal Advice)?

Q: My brother just quitted from a company with 1 week notice over email in mid May,2001. He also got a reply from the employer saying that he received it. The former employer has been continuing harassment threatening to sue my brother for all kinds of reasons including not providing them passwords access to some of their servers. But in fact, my brother did provide whatever passwords he had known of, and the rest of them, he just forgot himself. (more than 50+ servers, anyone will forgot some of them especially not accessing some of those servers for years.) Besides, any competent administrator can reset those password in no time. Can he do that?? Is there any legal ways to stop his former employer from harassing him ever again??

A: His former employer is a thief, and this sounds like extortion. Unless he signed a contract making him liable for these things, he has no further responsibility toward his former employer. There is no gross negligence and no real damage to his employer's computers or business, if the facts are as you say, and his employer should be unable to prove anything of the kind. If they are holding back on any pay that is due him, he should go to the state Labor Commissioner. Especially since his immigration status could be involved in this apparent extortion attempt, he would do well to get advice from a local lawyer experienced in labor and immigration matters.

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