Good Divorce Laywers-philly

Q: Any one have experience with top divorce lawyers in philly/pa suburbs that are good?

A: -Best referral service I can think of is just to count the number of Mercedes in the garage and how far up the hill they live. -Good point about the Mercedes and selecting an aggresive lawyer. You want to make sure the money accumulated during the marriage goes to your lawyer, not something stupid like your kid's college fund. You select an aggresive lawyer, you're wife will too, and you're well on your way to paying for some nice vacations, timeshares, and additions for your respective counsel. Do not under any circumstances choose a lawyer who suggests mediation or compromise, that is a sign of a meek attorney, a pussycat, not a tiger, who can be dominated by your spouse. Set up a four way meeting early one where your lawyer can show off, her's can too, and each can show how intractable you are. Even better, see if you can pay for two accountants to value your businesses and assets. Battle it out for 2-3 years, and the lawyers will suggest you settle when the money is exhausted, and consider getting your kids in the middle, and litigating about them too.

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