Free Divorce Lawyer

Q: I need help finding a free conciltation with a lawyer on being battered and divorce? Things have been really hard for me the past 2yrs. I am 21 single women with 2 kids, that mean the world to me. And i have tried everything in my power to make the best for them. My husband had them with him in jan. of 06 and was highly intoxicated wrecked with my to children in the car with him my son whom is 4 at the time went through the windshield and my daughter was turned upside down in her carseat, she was declared to not be in the car. This has traumatized my children, and my husband and his family acted as if nothing had ever happend. Can anyone give me some advice???

A: Most lawyers will give a free consultation (though limited). If you can be concise and know what it is that needs to be said in a short period of time, it works out great. Legal aid almost always has a huge waiting list. Talk to the lawyer. Do some research on your own. Figure out what needs to be done. Pay a lawyer and get it done. Contact your local Legal Aid Society. They should be able to take the case for free, assuming you dont make much. Most attorneys however will give you a free consultation. You should also contact a battered women's shelter or just a program in your area. They can be your saving grace through all of this.

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