Federal Grants


Federal grants are given all the time. Federal grants are given every year for just about every reason that you can imagine. Grants are given for small business start-ups, preserving historic monuments, continuing education, and art. These are not the only grants that are offered, but you get the idea. For every million grants that are applied for each year only a few hundred are actually granted. Some of them are free grants, which mean that if you receive one of them, you don't have to pay for it. Other grants are more like loans and require repayment with interest. Government and corporations are required by law to distribute Billions of dollars to people every year. Those who know what programs are available are the ones that will receive the money. It is a time when you can get the money you have invested into the government back tax-free. You can apply for any of the available grants that start at: $14,000 to start a home-based business or $2 million dollars to build a new low-income apartment complex. You can apply to one program or apply to as many different programs you would like, including the following: grants to write a novel, grants to go back to school etc. For just about any thing that you could need, there is a grant for it. Federal grants and government grants are funded in one of two ways: the money comes from the taxes we pay as well as from private foundations that must give five percent of their assets to maintain their tax-exempt status. If you are a US citizen, and are 18 years or older, you have a right to many of these federal grants. Government grants don't require credit checks or collateral to receive and they don't ever have to be paid back.

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