Associate Of Arts Degree Jobs?

Q: what do you do now? I am just curious because I am about to graduate with a liberal arts degree and my parents are bugging me to goto law school which I really dont want to do. I just want to settle down and live comfortably and marry my girlfriend and have some kids. My roomates cousin has never been past high school and makes over 120K a year doing a sales job. Any advice would be appreciated

A:What you understand is the appearence of loyalty and the game all good company men have to play to get to the top. Sure, you mouth all the right things, yessir! You're right sir! Haha, good one sir! I beleive my men will give you 110% sir! Can do, sir! I love this place sir! I had another friend who actually got his undergrad in Women's Studies. He went on to get his J.D. from South Texas College of Law. He's also fucking that chic I wanted back in highschool. There is *nothing* wrong with doing that as long as you can fulfil your own personal goals and still provide for your family. But, if you just get your degree and never go after what you really want (J.D.) then you're selling yourself short. Those are important aspects of life, but you can do better for your wife, your kids and yourself. Don't go to law school! Take this doubly seriously if you live in Austin, which may have the highest number of lawyers per 100K population in the universe. Take a look at what the State is paying attorneys. Talk to people who are associates in private law firms and ask them how long it takes to work cheap and put in incredible numbers of billabile hours before they either attain partnership or are booted out to begin all over again. But don't you think that sales talent is like entrepreneurial talent, in that people who have it usually have found out by the age of ten or so? The truly great seller is able to sell anything to anybody and finds out about it very early on.

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