Non Piercing Body Jewelry ?

Q: I have a few questions for those of you with piercings. 1. Have any of you used precious metals/gemstones in your adornments? I've often been curious as what it would be like to wear a diamond in a very strategic place. 2. Is there any temporary (i.e. non-piercing) body jewelry available. I like the idea of wearing pretties in unusual places, but don't think I'd want to go through the idea of wearing something permanent like a piercing. Any ideas? Many thanks in advance,

A:I thought the point was that piercing WAS temporary, as opposed to tattoos? Am I wrong here? Piercings may close up if you stop wearing jewelry in them, but getting a hole in your body that may take months to heal and involve non-trivial pain is a lot more permanent than, say, wearing clip-on earrings.... Most clip-ons are designed for ear-shaped things; not sure how well they'd work on nipples, though they'd probably work ok on noses. Yes, there are some interesting alternatives available. We found a nipple alternative called Sweater Bumpers; you must send for the sizing guide ($5) which is deductible from your first order; these are sterling silver rings which fit AROUND the nipple much like a cock ring fits. They must be sized properly so that they're tight enough to slightly restrict and keep the nipple errect, but not so tight that they restrict blood flow. Another intersting one is THE CLIT CLIP, which resembles a plated cotter pin with loops on each end, from which small colored fake gems dangle on tiny chains of alternate lengths. The clip is designed so that it is not touching down the length (that would hurt!) and it can be slid down over the clitoris along the lengths of the labia minora. It has a loop through which the clit can protrude, and may stay in for long periods of time without discomfort. However, if she gets really lubricated up, and has very small labia minora, it may slip off. If you're intersted, send me private mail and I'll dig up the addresses; I have them at home.

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