Subway Stock


Subway stock is on the rise with every new fresh and healthy sandwich they introduce. People are trying to change their lives and that means diets, with places like subway doing it for them it's easier to stop in and get hooked on a tasty sandwich. This of course means Subway stocks are on the rise and will be for some time. Subway stock prices have seem to continue to rise since Subway corporation decided to hook up with Atkins and add more healthy food in their stores. Many people will remember the man from the 90s that would get on and always order a sub. That same man that went on a low carb diet and is thin today. Jared Fogle is this man's name and he gives us all hope that it can happen to us too. When advertisements of Jared showed up on television claiming he lost 245 pounds from eating mainly sandwiches from Subway the stocks started climbing and they have been climbing ever since. Yes many of us were a bit skeptic but we decided to try it out. Lots of people were actually losing weight and this increased in the charts at the stock exchange. It is true not all Subway sandwiches are about losing weight or low in carbs but that is what appeals to the people, which works for this franchise. Just look at the history of the stocks for Subway since the 90s you will notice it has continued to increase and not decrease. Subway has many things to choose from in the sandwich department but they also include salads if you really don't want a sandwich. Subway has turkey, ham, meatball, veggie burgers and garden salads now. They serve up your sandwich any way you want, asking you as they push it through to the register. With many people wanting to change their diets a sandwich shop that is offering healthy choices is sure to drive a lot of customers their way and drive up the stock for Subway. Imagine a company that started up with just a mere check for $1000 and seeing how much it makes in the stock market today. Let alone the business itself. Subway has definitely come a long way from being just a dream to becoming the real thing.

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