Old Stock Prices

When it comes to finding old stock prices there are many different places that you could start looking. Old financial journals would be a great start. Some back issues of the Wall Street Journal can show you the prices of stock from way back. The Standard and Pooris Daily Stock Price Record goes from 1962 to present day. It holds a daily high, low, volume, and the closing prices for the AMEX and NYSE stocks and the same for NASDAQ/OTC stocks that are dated from 1968 to present day. Some of the records are kept on microfilm. The Wall Street Journal is on microfilm. It shows the highest and lowest prices for each year. Most of these records are kept for about ten years. Commercial and Financial Chronicle/Bank and Quotation Record dates back from 1928 to 1987. All of this is kept on microfilm. The Moody Manuals show quotes from 1909 to present, then there are the OTC Market Chronicle Guide which goes from 1969 - 1989. The National Stock Summary goes from 1939 - present day. Many of those who are dealing with the stock market also are using computers. The Internet can be a very handy tool when it comes to finding old stock market prices. For example, if you were searching for AT&T stock quotes from 1901, you could check out www.att.com/ir/si. That web site gives you quotes from 1901 to present day. You can simply put in the old stock that you are looking for in Google search engine or any other search engine of your choice and it should pull up many different links that can give you the information that you are looking for. You can also check out your local library. The librarian would be more than happy to help you with finding old stock prices. All you have to do is ask. Perhaps you have an old stock certificate and you don't have a clue how much it is worth. There are many resources online that can help you at least get an idea of how much it is worth and you could also find some web sites that can give you an accurate pricing. These places may charge a small fee for giving you a quote, but if you have a very old stock that is worth a lot of money, that tiny fee will be the last thing on your mind. When looking for old stock prices, check out all of the free resources first before you pay to find the answers you are looking for.

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