Kmart Stock Symbol

Kmart, once traded on the stock market ad KMRT and operating as Kmart Holdings Corporation is now a part of the Sears Holdings Corporation and is now traded on the stock market as SHLD. Kmart sold to Sears 54 stores for $621 million in cash. With over three thousand retail stores in the U.S., Kmart, along with Sears enjoyed revenue of $55 billion last year alone. The symbol "K" was derived from the first letter of its founder's name, Sebastian Spering Kresge. Over one hundred years ago, he opened its first store in Detroit, which was unlike anything its stores are today. Back then, every time was either 5 cents or 10 cents. Consumers enjoyed the cheap prices and soon he was able to open more stores. The yearly earning for 1912 were more than $10 million. The first discount store was opened in Garden City, Michigan in 1962, with more stores that followed quickly behind it. The first Kmart Supercenter opened its doors in Medina, Ohio in 1991, offering both groceries and general merchandise, and even a new name, "Big Kmart". Although prices have drastically changed over the years, one thing has remained the same, and that is their continued customer service to their consumers and employees. Today Kmart mails out more promotional flyers to homeowners than any other company. In 2003, Kmart came back from a Chapter 11 bankruptcy, reducing its debt and strengthening its finances to $2 billion. Kmart will continue to operate its stores throughout this year, though selling others and transfer its employees to Sears, should they wish to work there. Kmart will still continue to be a large retailer with over 1400 stores nationwide and $20 billion in earnings, though now operating under the parent company of Sears Holdings Corporation, who has more than $50 billion in yearly earnings. With various store closings, Kmart's unsteady growth continued to be a bit rocky throughout the last quarter of 2004. Once Kmart began being traded on the stock exchange under the Sears family, its value began rising along with a few ups and downs along the way. Today its stock is selling as Sears at $154.60 per share, down by 1.89 points, which averages to about 1.21%. There is an earning of $10.73 per share. The Sears' outstanding shares are over 164 million at a market value of over $25 billion. To buy a share of Sears Holdings Corporation stock today would be a risk and a gamble, but also a recommendation. Though its stock has been consistently up and down, stock forecasters still see the Sears Holdings Corporation stock as a strong buy. This week last, its stock was selling for $163.50 per share. It is expected that it will sell for about $174.50 within the twelve months, but that is only an estimate of future earnings.

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