How To Become A Criminal Investigator


What do you need to be a criminal investigator? To be a criminal investigator you must first qualify for the position. All applicants must meet one of the requirements. You must complete at least one year of specialized criminal justice experience and have at least the GS-5 grade level in the Federal government. Or you can complete a four year course study that is above the high school level. Along with your four year course study, you must either have one full academic year of a graduate level education or some type of law schooling. You must rank in the upper third of your graduation class in your overall college or university based on your completed courses. Your GPA must be at least a 2.95 based on a 4.0 scale and this must be based on your four years of education. Or you must be elected to membership in one of the national scholastic honor societies that is in association with college honor societies. This is exempting a freshman honor society. When you are thinking of becoming a criminal investigator, you should also consider the duties of the position and the requirements. You are required to be in outstanding physical condition, know your firearms and how to handle them, and to be able to be exposed to inclement weather. You must have great manual dexterity as well. You should have good vision, either with or without correction; your hearing must be very good. You must also be mentally and emotionally stable. If you are a criminal investigator, you will be involved in planning and conducting your investigations that are related to violations of the law. Homicide, sexual assaults, armed robberies, and the list can go on and on. Before you decide that you want to fully embark on being a criminal investigator, you should really do your research and know that this is really your passion.

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